St Mary’s Cardington

The Parish of St. Mary's, Cardington


The area covered by the parish has five distinct districts: Cardington village, Cotton End village, Shortstown (built 1917), Harrowden (1930's urban development), Southfield Park (new housing) and Priory Park (a high-tech business park).

The Community

There is a large amount of new housing and the whole area is subject to substantial population increase with up to 1200 extra new houses at Shortstown in the next five years. The area covered by the parish is a mixture of rural and urban.

There is a Lower School and a Community Centre in Shortstown and at Cotton End.

The R101 airship sheds are situated in the parish and a memorial can be found in St. Mary's churchyard. R101 Memorial

St. Mary's Church

Worship is focussed on the Eucharist (Common Worship) and there are also Family Services. Morning Prayer is said daily in the church and there is occasional Evening Prayer Please see the church magazine or noticeboards for details.

St Mary's has a chancel dating back from the early 13th century. The remainder of the church was built in 1901 through the generosity of the Whitbread family. The tattered ensign of the R101 is laid up in the church and there is a plaque to John Howard, the prison reformer, who lived in the village. There is also a side chapel with monuments commemorating the Whitbread family and a very rare black basalt font.