Elstow Magazine

Before the end of 2020 Elstow Abbey published a bi-monthly magazine containing information  about recent and forthcoming activities at the church as well as occasional articles by members of the church community.EA_mag_cover

 Changes are planned for Elstow Abbey and the Elstow Benefice during 2022. As a result the Elstow Magazine is on hold for the moment.  

A new Elstow Team Magazine may emerge during 2022.  If (and when) this happens it will be available from this website on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

 The final edition of the Elstow Magazine (print and on-line)  was November – December 2020.

 Please see the Reach Out page of this website as well as the ‘Weekly Message’ for news of events at the church.

Past copies of the Elstow Abbey Magazine (on-line version) may be obtained by sending an e-mail to:


Page Date: Updated – January 2022

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