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To get married at Elstow Abbey you need to be an active member of the church, resident in our parish or able to demonstrate a connection to the church. The laws governing who is eligible to get married in a particular church were changed in October 2008 so that there are more ways you can prove a qualifying connection.

You are eligible to marry at Elstow Abbey if:

  1. a) You live in the parish. To check this click here and enter your postcode (This is the website called ‘a church near you’)
  2. b) You have attended Elstow Abbey Church regularly for over 6 months and can now jon the Church Electoral Roll
  3. c) You were baptised or confirmed in the parish
  4. d) Your parents or grand-parents were married at Elstow Abbey
  5. e) You (or any of your parents during your lifetime) have lived within the parish for a  period of more than 6 months
  6. f)  You or your parents have regularly worshiped within the parish (either more than 3 times a year for many years or at least once a month for 6 months)

If you do not qualify under any of the above criteria, there may be other options which would enable you to marry at Elstow Abbey. Please do contact us you may be surprised at what we could offer. It doesn’t even matter if you’ve been married before, we’d love to be part of your big day.

Banns of marriage

If you are getting married in another Anglican church but live in our parish, you will need to have your “banns” read in the Abbey Church on three Sundays before your wedding (as well as the church in which you are getting married).

Please get in contact with us via the contact page – or an e-mail to

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