Refugees from Ukraine at the Polish border March 2022

Many are rightly seeking ways to support those fleeing the conflict and supply aid to those who cannot leave. May I commend to you the appeals led by the Disasters Emergency Committee, Christian Aid and Oxfam.

I have been asked about local collections for goods and supplies such as canned and dried food, clothing, medical supplies, and blankets etc. In Bedford I believe the Polish House (Dom Polski) in Ashburnham Road, just by the Station, is the best local place co-ordinating supplies.

However the best thing is cash donated to established charities as they are best prepared  bring help quickly.

Please look at the following webpage from the Diocese of St Albans which gives much useful information about how you can help those who are now suffering as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine:

Updated:   March 20th 2022
Fr. Paul

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